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November 9, 2016
1. Public Work Session - 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.
2. Call to Order – 7:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of the October 12th, October 20th, October 27, and November 2nd meeting minutes
4. Announcements
? East Whiteland Township’s monthly Board of Supervisors meetings are currently
broadcast on dedicated government access channels on Comcast (#966) and Verizon
(#46). We also stream our meeting broadcasts on
? Recognition & moment of silence for Chuck Clayman (Board of Auditors) and Edward
Galante, (former Supervisors and Public Works Director)
? Accept Resignation – Anthony Plitnik (Zoning Hearing Board)
? Installation of Drug Collection unit – CVS Grant – Municipal Building Lobby
? Executive Sessions were held on October 12th October 27th
, November 2
5. Public Hearings
A hearing to consider the adoption of an ordinance regulating Wireless Communications
CONTINUED: A hearing to consider approving a Conditional Use application for Great Valley
Little League to erect two recreational lights 60 and 70 feet in height at 1300 King Road in an
R-1 district.
6. Public Comment – General
7. Reports and Communications from Boards, Commissions and Township Officials
Consider 2017 Funding for Malvern Library
East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association
Volunteer Boards & Commission(s) – All in Attendance
Public Works Director
Codes & Life Safety Director
Police Chief
Planning & Development Director
Zoning Officer
Township Intern
Township Manager
November 9, 2016 - Board of Supervisors Agenda
Page 2
8. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report –September 30, 2016
9. Ratification of the Payment of Bills through November 9, 2016
10. Old Business
Saint-Gobain – Lighted Sign
Linden Hall and Hibbard House (Clews) – Property Maintenance
11 Plans
a. Motion to consider approval of the Resolution No. 31-2016 for the Preliminary/Final Land
Development Plan for Immaculata Student Center for a two story 14,540 building in an
Institutional district;
b. Motion to consider approval of the Resolution No. 32-2016 for the Master Plan: Great
Valley Corporate Center mixed use development on the western side of Rt. 29 for 600
residential units, 820,000 sf office space, 25,000 sf of retail and 70,000 sf of hotel space;
c. Motion to consider approval of the Resolution No. 33-2016 for the Final Land
Development Plan for Townes at Malvern for 64 units on Frame Avenue in a split R-2 and
VMX Village Mixed Use;
d. Motion to consider drafting a Resolution for a Preliminary/Final Land Development &
Subdivision Plans for Swedesford Square Apartments L/CAL at 50-52 Swedesford Road
for 244 units in a Gateway Overlay zoning district;
12. New Business
a. Motion to consider approval of 2017 Preliminary Budget
b. Consider Approval of Settlement Stipulation – Assessment Appeals:
1. Frazer Shopping Center – 490 Lancaster Avenue
2. Frazer Shopping Center – 480 Lancaster Avenue
3. Paulgene Realty – 335 Lancaster Avenue
4. Exeter – 8 Lee Boulevard
c. Consider approval to support 2017 GO Wilma (Regional Recreation) program
d. Motion to grant an extension of time for the Preliminary Plan of O’Neill/Bishop Tube
property located on South Malin Road in an RRD zoning district until February 8, 2017.
e. Motion to grant an extension of time for the Preliminary and Preliminary/Final land
development applications for the LIDL Grocery Store development.
f. Motion to authorize the advertisement of a public hearing to amend the current Sign
Ordinance regulations;
g. Consider sending Township Solicitor to Zoning Hearing Board for the following:
1. ZHB #2016-23 Janssen Biotech, Inc. for a variance in order to permit the impervious
coverage to be a maximum of 65.76% rather than the permitted 60%;
November 9, 2016 - Board of Supervisors Agenda
Page 3
2. ZHB #2016-24 a variance to permit single family attached dwellings & townhouses
in rows of more than six units, associated driveways and grading required in areas of
both steep slopes and very steep slopes;
h. Motion to award bid for the sale of a 24’ Enclosed Mower Trailer
i. Motion to approve Resolution No.34-2016 for the sale of the township garage at 158
Planebrook Road
13. Adjournment

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