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East Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
December 14, 2016

1. Public Work Session - 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.
2. Call to Order – 7:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of the minutes of November 9, 2016
4. Announcements
? East Whiteland Township’s monthly Board of Supervisors meetings are currently broadcast on
dedicated government access channels on Comcast (#966) and Verizon (#46). We also stream
our meeting broadcasts on
? Executive Session was held on November 2nd
? Promotion of Lieutenant Chris Yeager to Deputy Police Chief (Dooley)
? Recognition of Bob Raker for his 50 years of service to East Whiteland Vol Fire Assn
? Graduation of Sergeant Steve Stefanski from New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police
Command and Leadership Program (Dooley)
? Commendation – 2015 Safety Award (Zero Lost Time) for Organization (Palmer)
? Commendation - Boy Scouts – Ebenezer AME (Holmes)
? Board of Supervisors Reorganization meeting on January 3, 2017 will be held at
6pm instead of 7pm
5. Public Comment – General – Those requesting to speak need to go to the podium, sign in
with their name and street address before making public comment.
6. Reports and Communications from Boards, Commissions and Township Officials
East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association
Volunteer Boards & Commission(s) – All in Attendance
Public Works Director
Codes & Life Safety Director
Police Chief
Planning & Development Director
Zoning Officer
Township Intern
Township Manager
7. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report – October 31, 2016
8. Ratification of the Payment of Bills through November 9, 2016
9. Old Business (Greenly & Leis)
Linden Hall
Hibbard House (Clews)
December 14, 2016 - Board of Supervisors Agenda
Page 2
10. Public Hearing
a. A hearing to approve amending the Township’s current Off-site Signage Ordinance (McGrory)
b. A hearing to amend Chapter 154 - Sewers and Sewage Disposal, Part 3 - Sewer Rents Ordinance
11. New Business
a. Motion to advertise a hearing to amend regulations to the Off-site Signage Ordinance (McGrory)
b. Motion to consider adoption of the 2017 Final Budget (Nagel)
c. Motion to adopt Resolution 37-2016 establishing the Appropriations for 2017 budget (Nagel)
d. Motion to adopt Resolution 35-2016 establishing the 2017 Tax Levy (Nagel)
e. Motion to adopt Resolution 36-2016 establishing the Transfer Tax Authorization for 2017 (Nagel)
f. Motion to authorize payment for 2016 of $50,000 to OPEB (Other Post Employee Benefits) fund
g. Motion to adopt Resolution 40-2016 establishing final approval of 2017 Sewer Rate Increase
h. Motion to consider proposal for legal services – Dilworth Paxson – Special Counsel
for Valley Creek Trunk Sewer (McGrory)
i. Resolution to Adopt Resolution No. 41-2016 for Planebrook Road Regional PS and Force Main –
Act 537 Plan (Flaharty)
j. Motion to consider approval of Memorandum of Understanding – Deputy Police Chief (Nagel)
k. Motion to consider approval of the proposal from Univest for Pension Investment Services for 2017-
18 (Nagel)
l. Motion to consider approval of the proposal from Conrad Siegel for Actuarial Services for 2017-18
m. Motion to advertise a bid for construction of the Birch Road Park basketball courts (Nagel)
n. Motion to award bid for the purchase of Anti-skid and Crushed Stone for the 2017 (Steele)
o. Motion to consider adjustment for SEPTA building permit fees (Greenly)
p. Motion to award proposal for the Route 30 Corridor Study (Greenly)
q. Consider Approval of Settlement Stipulation – Assessment Appeals for JMP Malvern Associates, 19
Morehall Road
12. Plans (Greenly)
a. Motion to consider Resolution No. 38-2016 for a Preliminary/Final Plan & Subdivision Plan for
Swedesford Square L/CAL LP located at 50-52 Swedesford Road in the O/BP Office Business Park/
Corporate Gateway Overlay zoning district for a 244 unit apartment complex, located on an
approximately 24 acre lot.
b. Motion to consider Resolution 39-2016 for a Plan Amendment to the previously approved Master
Plan for Uptown Worthington Plan proposing the increasing of building R-9 by approximately 7,000
sf and realigning the P-1 parking lot, increasing the total number parking spaces from 368 to 384.
The property is zoned ROC/R Regionally Oriented Commercial Residential.
c. Motion to consider approval amending a previously approved landscaping plan for Atwater
Commercial development, increasing the spacing of street trees along Rt. 29 from 30 ft. centers to
50 ft. centers. The property is zoned O/BPS Office Business Park Services in the Turnpike Overlay
13. Adjournment

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